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Healthy Food for Healthy People

At Nature’s Garden Heirlooms we promote your choice to grow a sustainable organic vegetable garden.

Small Garden Here in Northern Ontario I have had great success growing many vegetables including peas, beans, cucumbers, peppers, tomato plants and lettuce. I also grow a variety of herbs including basil, borage, chives, oregano, parsley and marigolds, not only for the wonderful additions to my dinners and salads, but for their organic ability to protect my vegetable plants from pests without using chemical pesticides. And, yes, the marigold is a herb.

Vegetable gardens can grow anywhere. Here in Sudbury Ontario, zone 4b, even with our shorter summer season our vegetables plants grow splendidly.

Using the simple methods of organic compost, companion planting and very few gardening supplies, you can start organic gardening in your backyard or a container garden on a balcony or deck.

Saving your heirloom vegetable plant seeds and growing your own organic plants will not only benefit you at the dinner table but give you the assurance you are growing healthy, sustainable food.

We offer only quality plants for your healthy home garden. Below are links to some of our most beloved plants for backyard and container gardens.

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